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Robert O’Block invites you to the Executive Summit which will be held in Branson, Missouri in October.


  • The American College of Forensic Examiners is proud to invite you to the newly revised EXECUTIVE SUMMIT!
  • This year we are transitioning the National Conference into the Executive Summit! We would like our honored and most prestigious members to gather together and experience the professionalism and learning experiences involved in this enlightening event.
  • Look for upcoming information in regard to this exciting, new development!

Published by Robert O’Block


Robert O’Block reports that 14 Law Enforcement Officers have died as a result of gunfire thus far in 2011, a frightening number for those brave individuals patrolling our streets and risking their safety on a daily basis to provide us a safe place to live.  What can we do to help educate these Officers on methods of “profiling” potential attackers during a car stop or any police interaction?

Published by Robert O’Block