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Robert O’Block was interested to hear that a national news source pieced together several stories to determine what happened during the final hours of the chase for the Tsarnaev brothers, eventually leading to the capture of Dhzokhar and the death of Tamerlan. This is a great story of how authorities and the public worked together to capture some of the country’s most dangerous suspects. It describes what the suspects appeared to be up to from the time their pictures were released to the public until the celebration of the capture.

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The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI), Robert O’Block founder, is currently developing several areas dedicated to the solving of Cold Cases. A new section in our journal, The Forensic Examiner® gives our members the opportunity to submit information about cold cases they are involved in and get fresh perspectives from leading forensic professionals around the globe.

Also, we will be hosting a Cold Case Review seminar at our annual Executive Summit, to be held October 12-14, 2011 in Branson, Missouri. This will give live feedback from seasoned professionals and we hope will develop new leads in some of these cases.

Lastly, be on the lookout for a new certification offering from the ACFEI in the Cold Case realm.

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Robert O’Block reports that the Long Island Serial Killer could in fact be plural, involving multiple assailants.  While there appear to be no active suspects as of yet, CBS news reported that the involved investigators have been working with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit to develop a profile.  The profile compiled through this collaborative effort thus far was reported  to include a white male, in the age range of 25-40 that possesses superior savvy, street smarts and intelligence.

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Robert O’Block invites you to the Executive Summit which will be held in Branson, Missouri in October.


  • The American College of Forensic Examiners is proud to invite you to the newly revised EXECUTIVE SUMMIT!
  • This year we are transitioning the National Conference into the Executive Summit! We would like our honored and most prestigious members to gather together and experience the professionalism and learning experiences involved in this enlightening event.
  • Look for upcoming information in regard to this exciting, new development!

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Robert O’Block announces the Certified in survival Mindset, CSM credential. Earn the Credential that Could Save Your Life!

The newest release for ACFEI Members is a credential essential to surviving a violent encounter, Certified in Survival Mindset, CSM!  Subject matter expert Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker who is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime. The course materials cover each of his books, On Killing, On Combat, and Warrior Mindset and will prepare you for the physiological and psychological aspects of violent encounters and equip your body and mind to survive disastrous events.  View the course trailer

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Robert O’Block reports that 14 Law Enforcement Officers have died as a result of gunfire thus far in 2011, a frightening number for those brave individuals patrolling our streets and risking their safety on a daily basis to provide us a safe place to live.  What can we do to help educate these Officers on methods of “profiling” potential attackers during a car stop or any police interaction?

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Robert O’Block presents this quote by John Douglas:

“There are certain crimes that are simply too cruel, too sadistic, too hideous to be forgiven.”
John E. Douglas (Journey Into Darkness)

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Robert O’Block and the ACFEI/ICBS would like to invite you to join the top professionals in the fields of forensics and behavioral science at our 2011 National Conference.  Our conference will be held October 12-14, 2011 in Branson, Missouri.

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Robert O’Block reports some things we have learned about Jared Loughner through the extensive media coverage:

  • He has been called “mentally unstable” by several sources
  • He withdrew from a community college while facing suspension for inappropriate behavior
  • Writings were found in his home indicating deliberation upon his plan for the attack
  • He was prohibited from joining the military due to self admitted marijuana use
  • He was a high school drop out
  • Since his arrest, he has invoked his fifth amendment right

The International College of the Behavioral Sciences, ICBS would like your help in developing our own profile of this suspect in multiple murders and attempted murders that claimed the lives of six innocent people, including a federal judge and has left the life of congress member up to a higher power.  Does he fit the typical profile of a rampage shooter?  What makes him different?

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Article written by Shirley McCann and brought to you by Robert O’Block

Article written by Shirley McCann and brought to you by Robert O’Block. Officers Don Craig and Jack Alberts were on patrol when they received the call about a robbery at Gorman’s Fine Jewelry. Hal Tinker, the skinny, nail-biting sales clerk, was beside himself with worry when he unlocked the front door and allowed them entry.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” he told the officers, while trying to block the mass departure of the customers he’d locked in. I’ve only been on the job for a week, and the owner is gonna go ballistic when he finds out I’ve lost a valuable emerald pendant. I’ll probably lose my job over this!”

Once the officers were inside, Tinker quickly locked the door behind them.

“Have any other customers been here and left since you opened up this morning?” Craig asked. “Not a chance,” Tinker answered defiantly. “As soon as I noticed the necklace missing, I rushed over and locked the doors. No one got out, which means that one of these people had to have taken it.”

“This is insane!” barked an older gentleman with a wooden cane. “Surely you don’t suspect us? My wife and I have been loyal patrons of this store for years.”

“And you are?” asked Officer Alberts.

The man huffed and wrapped an arm around his wife. “We are Mr. and Mrs. John Trimble.” He pointed a bony finger at the clerk. “And let me assure you, young man, once Mr. Gorman hears about how my wife and I have been treated like common criminals, this will be your last day on the job.”

Alberts put both hands in the air and made a suggestion. “Why don’t we just start off by having everyone tell us what they were doing here.”

A tall, leggy blonde with a large shoulder purse offered her explanation. “I’m Claire Winters,” she spat out. “I work part-time at the insurance office two doors down. I had planned to just run in here and find something nice for my boss’s birthday. But I doubt my boss is going to be too pleased with me now, since I’m already thirty minutes late.”

“Under the circumstances, I’m sure your boss will understand,” Alberts insisted.

Next on the list of suspects was a nervous young blonde mother with a baby stroller.

“I’m Sara Bealls,” she offered, with a tremble in her voice. “Little Jimmy and I just came in to use this $10 coupon I received in the mail. I thought I might find a good bargain, but I never dreamed we’d be accused of theft!”

Officer Craig turned to the Trimbles.

“Oh very well,” Mr. Trimble huffed, nodding toward his wife. “We might as well cooperate so we can get this over with quickly. But I can assure you that your boss is gonna hear all about this, Mr. Tinker.”

Mrs. Trimble wiped a tear from her eye. “Our niece is graduating in a few weeks. We thought we might find something special for her in here. Mr. Gorman always has some unique selections on hand.”

The two officers exchanged glances. “Mr. Tinker, are you positive no one could have left before you locked the door?” Craig asked again.

“Absolutely not. These people were the only customers in the store when I brought out the locket. And no one came in after that.”

“What about a security camera,” Detective Craig suggested. “Maybe we could view that and see if the theft was caught on camera.”

Hal Tinker laughed. “Are you kidding? Mr. Thomas is so cheap he didn’t even bother to change the name on the door when he bought it two years ago. There’s no way he’d spring for any kind of a security system.”

“Well, this obviously isn’t helping anything,” Mr. Trimble said. “I’ve never been so insulted in all my life. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mrs. Bealls pulls this kind of stunt all the time. After all, it would have been easy for her to slip the necklace from the counter into the stroller. No one would be the wiser.”

“You’ve got a lot of nerve!” Mrs. Bealls screamed. “I’ve never stolen anything in my life!”

She spun around and pointed an accusing finger at Claire. “Why don’t you show everyone what’s in your bag?” she suggested. “You could have easily stashed the pendant in that huge purse of yours.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding, lady,” Claire said. “I would never want anything that gaudy. I prefer diamonds.”

Officer Craig turned to his partner. “It appears that everyone here had the opportunity to steal the necklace,” he said. “We could settle this quickly if everyone would just submit to a search of their belongings.”

“You go right ahead,” Mr. Trimble shouted, leaning his cane against the counter and putting his arms out. “I have nothing to hide.”

“Well, neither do I,” Mrs. Bealls exclaimed.

“Neither do I,” Claire stated firmly. “Although I can assure you that if you lay one hand on me, you’ll be hearing from my attorney.”

“There’s no need to call your attorney,” Alberts said. “Although a search would make things a lot easier, I think we can narrow down the list of suspects by starting at the beginning.”

Officer Craig scratched his head. “You’ve got a suspect?”

“I do,” Alberts said. “And if you’d been paying attention, you’d know who the thief is too.”

The suspects exchanged worried glances. Claire started for the door. “I’m not staying around here for this witch hunt,” she exclaimed.

“Me neither,” shouted Mr. Trimble. “I demand you open that door right now.”

Alberts caught Mr. Trimble’s arm and removed his cane. “Not so fast,” he said. He unscrewed the tip, turned it upside down and watched the necklace fall to the floor.

How did Detective Alberts know that Mr. Trimble was the thief?

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