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Robert O’Block has found a link with live updates on the trial for Jodi Arias. This case is currently on a verdict watch as the Jury is supposed to release their verdict at 3:30pm ET.

Jodi Arias is accused of killing her former lover Travis Alexander. Arias has admitted that she slit his throat, stabbed him over 27 times, and shot him in the head. Arias has told multiple stories, including in an interview with Inside Edition where she stated that she was at the crime scene but that he was murdered by home invaders. Arias claims she was able to escape but never called the police as she wanted to pretend it never happened. Arias has also previously said she was not at the crime scene, though her DNA was found. Later on, Arias admitted that she did kill Travis, but says it was in self defense and she did not originally tell police because she wanted people to have positive memories of Travis. The prosecution claims that the murder was pre-planned, as Arias had rented a car and a gun from her grandparents’ home had gone missing just weeks before. The gun, a .25 caliber, is the same type of gun that was used to kill Travis.

This case has gained the most notoriety since the trial of Casey Anthony. Part of the reason for the allure is the relationship between the two. Travis was Mormon, and Jodi became Mormon shortly after meeting him. However, based on the evidence of photos, texts, and e-mails, it appears that their relationship was far from innocent. A camera with explicit photos was found at the crime scene in the washing machine, the washer having ran through a cycle with the camera inside. The camera also contained pictures of Travis in the shower posing for photos, and then of his body on the ground in blood just a short time later.

The country anxiously awaits as the jury decides the fate of Jodi Arias. For more information and to view the main source of the story, click here.

Brought to you by Robert O’Block

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